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The Silver Thorn

In Flower Remedies, News, Puya on August 25, 2009 at 9:51 am

IMG_2000The Silver Thorn – Pushed, Forced. Puya venusta.

+ Spiritual evolution based upon natural growth. Allowing your higher self – and not your mind – to direct your unfoldment. Allowing yourself to unfold naturally. Growing at a rate that your soul directs.

Pushing to unfold. Always pushing yourself to change, grow, learn or better yourself. Seeking changes measured by your mind and it’s limited awareness. Tampering with your natural unfoldment. Forcing the petals of the mind open in order to reveal a better you. Bitterly angry over the constant drive to change, better and perfect yourself. Silently resentful toward yourself because of your critical approach to a natural evolution.


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