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Balancing Your Health

In Conscious Living on September 16, 2009 at 9:38 am

There is a prevalent mindset out there in the natural therapy field that one must balance one’s health. That health is a product – a result brought about by using products, methods, modalities, crystals, herbs, etc – in the right quantity and at the right time. In other words, one must ‘make health happen’.

The desire to experience good health is a given. We all want that. But is health the product of labour… or a natural occurrence?

The concept of innate health is foreign to many therapists. A health that guides you to the things you need as well as compels you to experience the things that are in alignment with ‘the deep well’ within you. Diets are fixed, thoughts are rigid and emotions are sorted into positive and negative piles.

Innate health – or a life that is directed by the life force that you are ( not the life force that you have ) is a topic to be explored. Rather than view your health is a ‘list of ingredients’ on a never eneding ‘to do’ list, health is what guides you to eat the foods you enjoy, walk down the beach with the dog and head off for a coffee with a good friend.

Rather than treating your health as a laborary experiment, human health is fluid, open and flexible rather than rigid, stiff and dogmatic.

Health flows.

Last weekend I had the fortune of speaking to a group of medical nurses. As part of my talk I used a story to describe my model of health and medicine. I raised the subject of ‘innate health’ as being more like a guiding force in your life rather than a rigid set of rules to live by. And that medicine wasn’t so much pills, vitamins or things that you put into the body… medicine was ‘the meeting with the innate health and instuinct inside you’. And that many things served as medicine, social outings, meeting with friends, talking to people – all of these lifestyle things served to maintain health.

Suffice to say, some nurses got it. The others looked at me with a rigid stare.

Balancing your health is not your job. It’s natures. You don’t know what hormones to secrete and in what qualtity, you don’t know exactly how much amino acid you need, you don’t know what vitamins you’re out of – at best it’s a guess.

Rather then ‘feeding yourself health’, you should be allowing the health – or rather, the life that you have – to shine. To govern. If you followed your enjoyment around more and made yourself do the right things less, you’d be more healthy.

Try it. Mental rigidity, strict dogma and worry about health will serve to erode your health. From a mental level, you’re pulling your bodies strings and by way of restrcition, causing the same in your body. Tension doesn’t create flow just as worry doesn’t create peace.

All of these things impact on your body, cascading down through your emotions and imprinting your physical body. Stop adjusting your physiology via mental concepts, best guesses, etc. All of which are based upon a flawed model of health – the kind that you need to inflate yourself… and not the kind that you have been given.

Natural health, not manual attempts to bring health! Relax into the health that you have. And enjoy life! That’s how you maintain good health!

  1. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. hopefully I looked as though ‘I got it’!!!

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