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In Conscious Living, Responses to Peoples Letters on September 16, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Dear D,

Tonights flower class is on the subject of Intention – for uncertainty and self doubt.

The lesson is this… we like to ‘place our order’ with life and set down clear ( solid ) intentions for ourselves in the hope of warding off fear and self doubt. I.e. If we are clear, then we know, when we know then things will be safe to move forward. So we think, think, think our way forward in the dark.

Little do we realize that LIFE ITSELF has an intention for all of us – the intention that we unfold, mature and become what we are in potential.

Given that we are unfolding anyway, it leaves us with one thing to do – participate. And choose what we want to do while we unfold. With this undercurrent of life moving us forward, we can relax and simply act in the movie of life. By waiting on the side lines for your cue, we leave ourselves open to doubt and fear.

Act, play a part and witness yourself unfolding! The universe already knows what’s in your heart anyway, so move forward in the confidence that your life is unfolding and your dreams are taking shape…



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