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Sitting with the Problem

In Conscious Living on September 21, 2009 at 8:32 pm

Being told to ‘sit with your problem’ is probably the last thing you want to do – especially if pain were involved. Being told to ‘be with’ your problems when they arise is also probably the last response you would have when working out how to deal with the issues of your life.

But, ‘being’ is exactly the message behind the new Skyflowers being brought through at this time. Although only 2 of the 16 new flowers have been publically released, the message is consistent throughout the entire new series – “being with the experience… is the solution and way forward”.

At the height of problem and distress, you would think that ‘being’ is the last thing you would do. But this is precisely what you need to do sometimes, especially when the new flowers are indicated for use.

Why being? Why experiencing? Won’t I experience more discomfort if I just sit still and do nothing?

It’s quite simple.

While you are being and ‘sitting inside of your drama – at whatever level it is playing out – you begin to make contact with yourself, your essence. What’s real.

Better still, you are no longer wriggling, avoiding, struggling or compounding the issue in question. Often the pain or suffering involved in life is because we are resisting our experience and trying to block what is happening to us. By stepping into the experience, by ‘wearing it’, you will be able to then move through it. Also, by ‘sitting with’ the experience, eventually the mind will become clear and you will see the nature of your issue. And what to do about it. Further adding to your ability to move forward, up or out.

Try being for awhile. Sit with your experience and see what is real…

  1. oh, how timely is your blog and this sitting!

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