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Essence of the Times – October 2009

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2009 at 7:28 pm

Puya Species – Collapse, Caving In. ( Under research, soon to be released )

+ Dropping your illusions. Letting go of baseless ideas, beliefs and other nonsense which are not grounded in reality. Letting go of the illusions which cause you to fall down. Dropping those things in your life that do nothing to support you. Able to naturally support yourself.

Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Illusions about your life that cause you to bend, buckle and falter. On the verge of toppling over because of the strain you are under. Dropping the ball. Falling down because you cannot hold up your illusions anymore. Feeling as though your whole has come crashing down around you. Buried beneath a pile of illusions, what if’s and fears.

October 2009 is a lesson in Support!

Well, if September was about ‘looking at the ways you’ve over-committed yourself’ and strained your life energy, October is about becoming aware of the areas of your life that are on the verge of collapse because you are too busy feeding your illusions. ( Not to mention the areas that have fallen down already ). You know trivial things like enjoying yourself, sharing time with friends and family, taking vacations and doing what you really enjoy…

October will lay bare many things but what particularly will come to light are those dreams that you have let fall long ago because of your focus on your illusions (  i.e. those things that aren’t actually happening but you behave as they are. )

After a lifetime of ‘carrying the cargo of worry’ and juggling your fears so that you don’t come in contact with them for too long, October is the time that the music stops, the balls drop and your games will come to an end. With a thud.

For those who ignored the 1st sign of collective change earlier this year ( the stock market crash ) and ‘ploughed on as though nothing had happened’, October will present some bad news. A bullet to bite.

For those who did adjust their sails and changed their values – and focused less on how they were spending their money… and more on how they were spending their lives, October won’t come as a shock. Nor a surprise.

As far as the collective consciousness goes, October is the time where we become starkly aware that we indeed have been focused on the wrong things in life – spending our energy on things like fear, anxiety about our lives, worry about our future, etc. And with our focus increasingly elsewhere – out there, our dreams have died not from failure… but from simple neglect.

In this light, we soon see that the lives we each have built up need to fall. To cave in, topple and collapse back into reality. We need to drop our illusions rather than continue to support them… and get on with living what is real, true, current and honest! And when the dust from October settles ( around the 18th ) you will find things a WHOLE lot easier – so step out from the rubble of the old world ( projections of fear ) and enter a whole new world ( actual reality ).

Q. What are the things in your life that do not support you?

Q. What are the things you would be afraid to let fall? What are the things driven by fear and not happiness?


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