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The Past is Not the Issue

In Conscious Living on October 10, 2009 at 8:50 am

Presence Cover_000Recently I have been spending a lot of time working on my garden. Planting trees, weeding, building paths, potting plants – the place looks like a real nursery these days.

It has been a lovely time – as though I have been attending to some long, long side of myself. A part of my life that had been trampled by the schedule of need.A downshift from doing to being.

As I further delve into the nature of the ancient grass Bromeliads, the Pitcairnioidieae subfamily more and more of my time is spend ‘living life on the ground’ and doing ‘what is’. It’s been quite a journey and a real shift. No longer thinking about what I want to do and trying to aim my life in better directions with mental energy, the grass Bromeliads help you to ‘get on with it’. Not only this, the plants help to reconnect with… and then resurrect those passions and interests you may have set aside long ago in your daily ‘fight to survive’.

Long lost passion is an interesting subject.

When I began my research work with the Skyflowers in 1997, I was studying to be a natural therapist. Partly out of a need to help others, partly out of a need to generate an income and partly out of a need to answer my own, unsolved questions about my own health issues.

At that time, my ‘health and healing’ model was this… I believed that ‘the wounds’ that we carry and seek to ‘heal’ stemmed ( solely ) from traumatic incidents from the past. In other words, the problems that we currentlysuffer from mentally and emotionally came from past injuries. Past ‘negative’ experiences that had remained unresolved and lingered on to ruin the current lifestyle. And with therapy, ‘self help’ and contemplation, one could ‘root out’ the ‘negative emotions’ that were playing foul on us. I believed in the ‘drilling for oil’ model of emotional health – that after a process of long probing, deep digging and careful excavation, one could ‘hit the jackpot’, ‘release the dark stuff’ and get on with living life ‘on easy street’.

I used to believe that.

Nowadays, I believe something far simpler. Yes, I believe that life can serve us hurtful incidents which have a marking effect but the real damage is done when we ‘focus on the past negative and forget about the current positive’.

Let me explain.

I believe ( at this current level of awareness ) that the ongoing injuries we carry belong to the fact we neglect the passions and joys in our lives. So consumed with ‘negatives’ of life – our problems, faults, issues, worry, etc, we spend most of our energy on these things… leaving little creative energy to fuel our dreams, desires and goals.

In short, we don’t so much suffer from ‘deep, dark issues from the past’. We suffer most because of a simple neglect of what we want out of life. So distracted with the things that haunt us, the things that inspire us ‘get lost and go missing’. Our progressive visions starve, our dreams atrophy. And wither.

And as life darkens around us, we are left feeling unhappy, like something is ‘missing’ in our lives while mentally we are ‘in the dark’ about what we need to do to return to health and color. Further propelling us to look for some hidden evil in our past.

So consumed we become with searching for the devil in our lives, we fail to see that it is our own lack of attention to the things we want that causes the damage. And so, one by one our legitimate joys fall away from our lives as we focus more and more on ‘what’s wrong’…

  1. So true! That is why I have not delved in to some of the past incidents that have come up over the past two years and have gotten on with persuing my passions…some say you need to address such matters head on but i instinctively felt it would only add pain. Some things our mind has ‘allowed’s to forget so we can move forward in life as it is!

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