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Bromfest 2009

In News on November 4, 2009 at 8:07 am

2009-10-14Well the preparations for Bromfest 2009 are going well! Bromfest ( and buying more bromeliads ) have kept me busy out in the garden, hence no blogging! But I’m back in the saddle now!

The date set for the 1st ever Bromeliad swap meet is December 12th and is being held in Melbourne, Australia. There is a limit of 50 attendees.

What is Bromfest?

Bromfest ( short for “bromeliad festival” ) is not just a ‘garden show’ – it is a plant swap meet where you get the chance to sell your plants, trade them with others for new ones, show your favorites in a mini-plant-show and talk about your plants with other enthusiasts. Bromfest is a day where you get to share out your old or extra plants with friends and perhaps pick up a bargain. You don’t have to have ‘picture perfect’ plants – so have a hunt around your collection, clean out your glasshouse ( so you can walk around in there ) and bring that old ratty plant that you have been neglecting. Old, new it doesn’t matter. Bring your plants along.

Imagine if everyone who came brought along with them a box ( or more ) of their favourite, old or surplus plants to sell, swap, show off or trade! What a great day!

Here’s What’s at Bromfest

  • B.B.Q. – Celebrate the end of 2009 in barbeque style! Bring a plate of your favourite dish to share with others!
  • Mini-Brom Show – Bring your favourite brom ( or something that you have in flower ) for display in the mini-show.
  • Plant Stalls – Bring along your plants for sale. Bring as many as you want – the more the merrier! Stalls *cost nothing and there’s no commissions on your sales!
  1. Some tressle tables will be available and although we’re on a quarter acre block, we have a pretty big lawn area.
  2. Stalls *cost nothing... but it would be good if you brought some of your old spare plants to give away free to people on the day.
  • Bring Your Surplus Plants – Bring your extra or surplus plants for others to have a look at – there’s nothing better than rifling through polly boxes of other peoples plants!
  • Mother Plants – Don’t throw your old mother plants away! Box them, bring them along and trade them in for something else!
  • Rare or other unusual plants welcome! – Cactus, carnivourous, orchids – all welcome!
  • Cuttings – Maybe bring a box of your cuttings, cut flowers, etc… it’s all good.

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