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Essence of the Times – November 2009

In Essence of the Times on November 10, 2009 at 9:10 pm

If October was about anything, it was about manouvring yourself into a better position. Having said that, November should come a bit easier and in the lead up to Christmas, things should greatly settle. With no new collective mishaps on the horizon – and a great deal of murk already processed this year – November is a time of joy!

Think about it – there’s no work to be done. No inner work, no delving into the past, no soul searching. In fact, we’re in a ‘lesson free’ zone at the moment. And no it’s not a ‘calm before the storm’. It’s just a time where the inner clouds part and the sun shines down.

With the lead up to 2010 – the year of ‘realism’, now is a good time to renew your spirits and set some new goals in motion. Or at least, plan some new things. For now, you’re on ‘free parking’… and there’s no need to move on!


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