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The Butterfly Bush

In Conscious Living on November 20, 2009 at 8:20 am

Gardening always surprises you. Moment to moment, day to day you are presented with something new. New flowers, new fruit, new weeds… it’s amazing.

One of the surprises I was greeted with was the sudden collapse of one of my favourite plants – the Butterfly Bush; Buddleia davidii. Aptly named, this large growing shrub exudes a sweet nectary smell that bees, butterflies and other bugs swarm to. I ‘use’ them in the garden as a ‘bee bank’ – to draw in bees to pollinate the fruit trees. We have a pink variety, white, sky blue, yellow and in this case, a violet-near-black beauty called ‘Black Knight’.

Well, the latest surprise saw my favourite variety – some 12′ tall – sprawled sideways across our lawn in total collapse. With the recent dry weather, heavy top growth and ample wind on the day, the bush succumbed to the natural forces of gravity, age and duress. And over it went.

Weighing a tonne, I began to chop out a lot of the flowering top growth. Back to a manageable weight, which I then propped up and tied to the fence. As I did so, I began to meditate on my ‘top heaviness’, of carrying far too much baggage without knowing it. Stressing yourself and falling in a heap.

Like the lemons which fell from our tree, here was another sign from nature to ‘shed your load or topple over’. In a spiritual sense, shedding excess weight equates to excessive thoughts, mental tangents and thinking of things which simply don’t matter at the moment.

Q. Do your thoughts match what you are experiencing?

Q. Are you in danger of ‘falling down’ because you weigh yourself down with unneccesary detail?

  1. As a follow up to this article, I thought I should tell you what happened to the butterfly bush after it’s fall. I trimmed it back by a 1/3 and tied it to the fence. Luckily after several days of rain she seems to be coming back to life again.

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