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Why Can’t I Let Go?

In Conscious Living on December 1, 2009 at 8:16 am

It seems to be a common occurrence. People wanting to change an aspect of their lives and despite knowing that they want to, could and maybe should change things for the better – they can’t. Sometimes we seem caught in an invisible web or tied to ‘negative’ aspects of ourselves which defy change.

Below is an extract from an email I sent to someone who wrote to me and said that for some unknown – possibly karmic reason –  they ‘couldn’t let go of the past’…

“… Karma and ‘past life things’… hmmm. We don’t get to ‘let go’ of anything really. Rather the process ( of life ) is to consciously pick up from where we left off before. The ramifications for past actions play out unconsciously ( as circumstances ) until the time we consciously engage them. Awareness and responsibility for ourselves ( the first 2 Billbergia’s ) is the way forward. Self Awareness is like a cog, it has teeth which fit into the cogs of reality. Once we engage in our own process, our own life and look at how we are turning the ‘hidden cogs of reality’ we are then able to respond. Trying to ‘let go’, avoid or turn away from our circumstance is the first way we rob ourselves of the ability to change our lives…


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