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For Love or Money?

In Conscious Living on January 6, 2010 at 6:36 pm

There I was out in the garden pondering my future. I was thinking about my present line of work, my income ( or rather the lack of it ) and those kind of things. The new year and an impending birthday will do that to you.

I got to thinking about ‘what my soul wants me to do’. What do I really want to do at a core level? The answer came back to me very quickly… ‘don’t worry about money…”

Okay… now how do I do that? Before I even finished my own question in the even sunlight, I realized just how much of my thinking… and focus had been taken up by the pursuit of money. Which when boil it all down is really a focus on basic survival.’

Now I am a practical man. I realize that there is a place for money and a need to have, use and acquire it. But the question is, when ( if ever ) do you go beyond focusing on ‘having enough’? Subtly, I find that much of my mentality has slid toward ‘making ends meet’ and treading water that I’ve forgotten to swim. Is there a point where an income comes naturally? I mean, as a natural part of what you do?

Is this a luxury, fantasy or… possible?

In that moment of asking about my future, I heard my soul say, ‘don’t worry about the money’… which was a way of saying ‘do what you love doing… and the money ( support ) will come…”

More tommorow…


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