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For Love or Money? (Part 2)

In Conscious Living on January 7, 2010 at 8:47 am

In those moments when we question ourselves – and I mean, deeply question ourselves about the path we are taking in life – we seek are actually seeking clarity. I.e. A clear answer about where we are now are… and clear guidance of the best path to follow… as well as clear insight & understanding as to why we are following that path. We want to a perfectly packaged answer.

It’s funny how in those moments where we are immobilized with fear, stuck in doubt, clouded by confusion, wandering in the dark and perhaps frantic with desperation, the request was make for assistance is a pretty tall order.

‘Tell me an answer ( that despite my panic and confusion ) I can easily follow!” We expect a level headed, logical answer at a time when are far from level headed!

When I began question my ‘financial basis’ in the garden yesterday, I really wasn’t interested in a definitive financial strategy or the perfect answer delivered by Heaven as to what my ‘life’s purpose’ was. I was looking for clarity of mind on the subject. I was really interested in why I didn’t have any clarity at all.

Often when we are ‘soul searching’, we look for concrete answers – from God, the Universe or our ‘Higher Selves’. We either want to be told what will happen and when it will happen or the easiest way to avoid our drama and get on with living happily ever after ( with no change to our behaviour; the very same behaviour that got us into a problem in the first place! )

The truth is that we usually only take a good square look at our reality when we don’t like what reality is presenting us. And we tend to leave our soul searching ( a.k.a. ‘lifestyle directing’ )  until it’s too late. We often ask the deepest questions when things are hard. When we are stressed. When we are in survival mode and unreceptive to change. And when our conscious faculties are fully taxed and shutting down… then we seek our answers! As things are going dark, we reach for more light…

Todays Practice For today, take a break from what you are doing. Pause whatever story you have going on; whether life is good or bad – and connect with what is going on. Pause a moment or two and allow your awareness to be filled with the moment. Simply observe whatever thoughts come your way. If your busy, don’t worry you can return to your rush later. Just pause. And observe…

More tommorrow.

  1. Great article – thanks!

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