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For Love or Money? (Part 3)

In Conscious Living on January 9, 2010 at 9:02 am

It’s an interesting process. Asking yourself questions that is. I always find it amazing that I can be in a complete daze and seem to come up with an answer to my own problem that not only solves the dilemma, but does so in a way that makes me appear wise.

How can you be completely lost and confused one moment. And clear about what’s going on the next?

One reason why we experience confusion is that we simply don’t wait around long enough to find out what’s going on. We fail to make contact with the situation. We react. Acting on the first piece of information that we get. In short, we do hang around long enough to digest what’s really happening… nor get to the reason why.

When asking questions about the current state of affairs in our lives, the answer that comes back is usually quite concise and clear. Often when messages arise from ‘somewhere deep inside’ they are short. And despite being to the point, they are compassionate rather than brutal or judgmental.

Insight is this way because the ‘answers’ are compressed. Volumns of information compressed into the one tiny statement – one key phrase that triggers a response.

Insight is compressed. And it takes you awhile to unravel it. But, as we discussed earlier, often when you are ‘soul searching’, it’s usually because you are lost, confused and in a panic. In other words, you’re in a state that is far from mindful, sensible or patient enough to ‘wait for long answers’ to ‘show you the way’. We just want something that sounds half way good to get us out of the predicament we are in! And then we are off on our way – half cocked and half prepared.

But with insight we are offered an aerial perspective of the drama we are in – and it takes time to understand. And time to take it all in.

The truth is that inspired answers are short… but their meanings are long. What I mean is that you are supposed to keep an insight in your mind, keep hold of it like a life raft until the situation is at an end; which could take months, weeks or years. You’re supposed to meditate on the insight. Return to it until the need for it is gone.

More later…


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