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For Love or Money? (Part 4)

In Conscious Living on January 10, 2010 at 10:15 am

Although I’m no longer sitting in the garden asking questions of myself about my finances ( that was 4 days ago ) the answers are still bubbling up. Well, not answers, plural, but more like a continuation of the same answer – ‘don’t worry about money…’ With these 4 words came a sense of peace as well as a sense of surety; that this message is true.

The time lapse between my agonized questioning and the answer was amazing. I had spent hours that day with questions of financial insecurity buzzing around my mind. And then when I stopped, the answer to my question came to me. As if I had been speaking over it and once I had quietened my mental chatter, I heard my answer.

Since that time I have been meditating, or rather, lingering on that answer. Although just 4 simple words, the breadth of the instruction has tipped me off to other insights. Pieces of the same puzzle.

And the pieces have begun to form a picture. An illustration. And one of the things that is depicted by the mosaic of insightful pieces is the reason for the question itself. As well as the reason why it had come up at this time and plagued me so. A good answer will do that. It will lead you back to the question, surrounding it with reason and purpose.

At the time I was asking questions of my finances, it was time to ask that question. It was the season for it. At first I thought I was asking out of desperation, now I see that I was being compelled to ‘put the subject on the drawing board’. It wasn’t really a question of ‘how do I get more money’? I realized that I was really asking a question of how was I going to support what I love.

Was I was driven by need to ask ‘how do I make more money?’ Or was I compelled to be conscious of what I was now doing… and what I was about to do? Once the layers of deperation, anxiety and innadequacy had fallen away – by remaining present to the 4-word answer – I could see that an old mindset was undergoing change. And the anxious material buzzing around in my mind was a symptom of an internal shift.

As I stayed with the subject, I was shown that I am in no way in a ‘poor’ position, but was in a rich one. I was at a point of drawing an income by doing what I loved. in fact, this was the new currency and criteria for my career and working life – love.

So what has love got to do with earning a dollar? At first glance, not much. Usually, in this ‘modern mind’ of ours ‘love of work’ and ‘money’ don’t necessarily belong to the same experience. We long to do what we love and earn an income from it, but we tend to give up this pursuit in favour of ‘reality’.

So, there I was. Asking questions of how do I earn a solid income? The part I was unaware of at the time of asking was that I wanted to do so by doing what I love.

‘Do I work for love… or money?’ is the reflexive question that we tend to ask. And it was this question that was causing me angst, commotion and confusion on that day. The day I spewed out the question in the garden. Had I asked a different question, ‘For love AND money’ I would have been lead to the tranquil place where I am now; dreaming up a work that I do for the love of it… where the coin is not the main focus, but a by-product of ‘doing what i do’…

More later…

  1. Yep, it is the path to joy! Working with something you love and having it support you in this world as well! Double bonus! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks. But the reason I did so is because it’s a common question at the moment. This year, the flower is Realism – realistic thinking, facing your reality and how you have made your life the way it is. There will be a lot more articles on ‘how life is going’ throughout the year.

  3. thanks for sharing ur internal world with others…

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