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Puya Coerelea (Part 2)

In Puya on January 13, 2010 at 10:45 am

Almost identical in appearance to Puya Mirabilis, Puya Coerelea is the 3rd essence in the new Skyflowers – Clear Light series of remedies. This new release essence is helpful during times of personal collapsewhen the whole world seems to be falling down around you.

During times of upheaval like this, we tend to think that our experience is a negative event. That something terrible has gone wrong and so we react, doing what we feel will stop any further collapse. As a result we position ourselves under the drama, try to prop things up and attempt to stop the roof from caving in on us any further.

Learning How to Fall.

Rather than providing reinforcement or strength to ‘hold on and hold out’, Puya Coerelea helps you to ‘drop the load’ you are carrying; a particularly hard thing to do when you are deeply fearful of ‘falling down’. In this way, Puya Coerelea shares a link with the Flower of Surrender, Aechmea Triangularis; the flower that teaches us how to yield or give in to the situation rather than continue to fight against it.

Many people secretly fear falling… or ‘slipping backward’ into old ways. So we will ‘do what we can’ to prevent ourselves from falling to depression, falling ill, falling back into a bottle of alcohol, falling back into monetary debt or falling back to our old, destructive ways.

To ‘prevent’ such falls, we expend a lot of energy trying to prop ourselves up. And this is where the issue is… our creative energy is being used to ‘keep ourselves up’, as though ‘being down’ were our natural, default position.

The Process.

During it’s ‘peeling & revealing’ process, Puya Coerelea shows us how we have been upholding and supporting things that have no foundation or basis in reality – namely, our illusions.

The flower appears at 3 distinct times…

.1. When you have undergone a fundamental shift and grown beyond your former self. And so, the ‘world’ that was based upon ‘the old self’ begins to fall.

.2. There is a sudden shock or unexpected upheaval in your life. From the sudden loss of a loved on to a stock market crash affecting the population. These are the times where ‘the carpet has been pulled out from under you’ and things will never be the same.

.3. ‘Blowing up lead balloons’. Giving your energy to things that are designed to fail.  The key word here is ‘designed to fail’, whereby you try to take directions you don’t wish to go in or know that are bad for you. This one is often linked to #.1. and is the reason for a return to ‘old ways’.

Regardless of the category, the flower shows us how to ‘drop’ what we need to at the time we need to do so.

As a side note, personal collapse doesn’t have to be all that monumental. One example is pushing yourself to ‘stay up’ when your tired so you can get your work done. Propping yourself up with coffee or stimulants so you can go on rather than simply ‘dropping it’ and coming back to the project later on when you are fresh and can energetically support the work that needs to be done.

More on Puya Coerelea later!

  1. Fantastic article. Thx!

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