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Dropping the Future

In Conscious Living, Puya on January 19, 2010 at 8:22 am

Dropping things from your life can be a good thing. Dropping bad habits, leaving behind unpleasant experiences and being able to suddenly or spontaneously change-for-the-better is sometimes what we desperately need. After all, do you want to spend your precious life ‘getting over’ and delving into what makes you miserable?

No! You just want to be rid of the negative from your past don’t you? You want to step out of the negative influences that pull you down so that you can ‘be free’ and ‘just get on with your life’; yes?

When you look at it, our personal demons belong to our past and not so much our present experience. In this ‘pin-prick’ of time, there you are; thinking about what to do with the things going on in your life. Central to your experience.

Let Go of the Future

Whereas it is true that many of our demons come from past experiences, it can also be said that your past is not the only thing that demonizes you; your ‘future’ often does too. The future can also house many problems which impinge on your current reality and ruin your present lifestyle.

In the new age movement as well as the complementary healing fields, ‘the past’ is often viewed as the main ( or only ) source of misery. And so, all guns are pointed there – the experiences you had, the trauma you experienced, the way you perceived those experiences and the beliefs you hold about your past are rigorously put under the personal change microscope. Frisked and searched by the health and healing police.

In other words, we look squarely to the past to change the present; as though this present moment were based upon the past – and not itself.

The future, to me, is a far more slippery villain that can affect your current experience of life just the same as the ghosts from your past can. But, with our eyes firmly on the past, many of the crimes perpetuated by our ‘future’ go undetected. Whereas your past is pretty much a static source of woe with a limited amount of stories that plague you, your future is more unlimited and less than clear as a potential for problem.

So what problem could your future cause you, given that it hasn’t even happened yet?

Robbed of Your Reality

Despite the appearance that the things we think about belong to our past or our future, they do not. They are current thoughts with current ramifications.

The truth is that your future only exists in your mind. You can never  step into, touch, taste, smell or see it. The future you habitually paint with your mind – ‘what is going to happen’ – is really a series of thoughts and projections of mental imagery. Phantasmal images. Nothing more.

But, we get so caught up in the imagery that we create, we then fool ourselves into believing that the things in our own mind are real events – past, present or future. And we act on them.

The reality is that there is only ever this moment, now. And no matter how much you try, you cannot return to the past nor can you enter the future. You are here… thinking about the past… thinking about the future… while trying to concentrate on what’s going on in your life right now.

Well, let’s drop all of that and just think about now! And gear our mind to what’s really going on.

Todays homework – For this week, I ask you to not only drop your past… but also let go of your future. Remember the future you think you are going to have – good, bad and otherwise is not real… it’s just your thoughts.

Since it is not a tangible reality that you can step into, live or experience, then you should be easily able to ‘drop it’! Or can you? Put ‘what you are going to do’ in the waste basket and participate in what you are doing.

Stop clinging to what is immaterial and step into your actual reality… and base yourself there.


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