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A Visit to The Olive Branch

In News on February 2, 2010 at 9:13 am

Left The Flower of Validation – Neoregelia ‘Fairytale’. This is the remedy for people who validate externals and don’t believe in themselves.

It was 2 years ago since my first visit to The Olive Branch nursery. I remember that day distinctly for 2 reasons – the first was because it was my birthday. The second was because of the sheer scale of the place; 5 acres of shadehouses and polyhouses all dedicated to Bromeliads. So, needless to say that in coming back I was excited.

It was late in the day and we were just passing through on our way up the coast. Olive had to drop a worker to the station so I went to ‘the waiting room’… the sales area and awaited her return. It was there we met Beccy Trevor, a 14 year old entrepreneur with a very mature head on her shoulders. We got to chatting about the nursery and about broms. Soon Olive returned and we had a chat. Alarmingly I was told a story about a cyclone that had ripped the place apart a year ago ( no one was hurt but 20 houses were destroyed in the area ). And in looking around, there was still evidence of the carnage even though it was a year on.

Having had a long day, Olive excused herself and we were shown ( rather expertly ) around the nursery by Beccy, Olive’s grand-daughter and resident bromeliad expert. We visited the Neoregelia house, the Aechmea’s and the pattern leaved Vriesea’s.In looking around it’s hard to take it all in as there are masses of plants to look at, each one a different color and shape from the last. Boy it’s amazing!

This is one of my favorite nurseries to visit and I will never tire of going there. The sheer scale and immensity of the place is awesome and well worth a visit.

If you are thinking of visiting, ring first as visits are by appointment ( I.e. It’s a working nursery = busy people ) If you want a tour of the place, speak to Beccy as she can tell you the history of the place. Plants are quite cheap ( and big ) so take your purse.

Contact – The Olive Branch ( Len & Olive Trevor ) – 232 Canvey Road, Upper Kedron ( Ferny Grove ), Brisbane 4053. Phone to make an appointment – 07 33511203


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