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The Bromeliad Cafe

In Places to Visit on February 2, 2010 at 10:33 am

I take my hat off to anyone who changes their lifelong career in order to change their lifestyle. You know, deciding to escape the security-of-the-familiar in order to take on an unfamiliar work placement. After 30 years, Lindsay Galloway did just that.

The Bromeliad Cafe in Glenview, Queensland is owned and operated by Lindsay and his wife Colleen. Open for just 5 months, this ‘essential-port-of-call’ for bromeliad lovers is just a stones throw from the famous, Ettamogah pub. Once you’re at the Bromeliad Cafe you’ll want to wander around the landscaped gardens with your Soy Latte or, in my case, hot chocolate. Plants, plants and more plants can be found and if you’re inclined, you can step into the nursery and pick yourself up a brom or two for a good price.

The cafe itself offers a great outdoor deck area which overlooks the beautiful gardens and a lawn area that is perfect for a bare foot walk after a long drive. Inside the cafe is beautiful polished flooring and the space could easily hold a decent gathering – perfect for club meetings of the local Bromeliad society I would think.

If you’re after a venue for a conference or workshop, adjacent to the cafe is a good size room which can be hired out. And with a cafe beside, catering for your event is a cinch.

What I love about the Bromeliad cafe ( other than the fact it has a rather large Bromeliad garden ) is that it is ‘off the beaten track’ and not in a main tourist drag. Being just off the highway ( literally ) it’s in a good, ‘chilled out’ location. So if you’re over your trip to over priced holiday hotspots, pop in and say hi to Lindsay and grab a Cafe-au-Lait.

Getting there.

Bromeliad Cafe ( Open 7 Days -8.30am – 3pm )

Lindsay and Colleen Galloway Proprietors.

17 Glenview Road, Glenview 4553.

Ph. 5494 5227.

Email –


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