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Website Changes

In News on February 6, 2010 at 8:30 pm

For those of you who have had an error message looking for the main website don’t despair, you are not going crazy. The reason for the message is that this old address is ‘under construction’.

Originally, there was only one website. Then, when I discovered wordpress and started blogging, I had 2 web addresses. The original site with the nice and neat skyflowers name. And the wordpress blog which I updated frequently.

Desiring to unify the Skyflowers website, I have taken down the old site and am busily working on a new website. One website which will replace both the old one as well as this wordpress blog.

Have no fear however for the new website will be a wordpress blog, complete with all the articles of this site. It will be self hosted which means I can augment the new website with additional features not found in the wordpress, free-hosted package.

Once a decent internet host has been located, the new site will be uploaded and plans are to be completed within the week. Stay tuned.

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