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In Conscious Living on February 10, 2010 at 10:26 am

Back when I was working at Gardenworld 20 years ago, the name Bromagic was synonymous with the words ‘bright colors’, ‘awesome plants’ and ‘heaven’. Back then it was owned and operated by a man by the name of Keith Golinski and he had a name for having ‘the best stuff’ around.

Back then, all the news we Southern plant collectors ever heard from ‘up North’ was about ‘Grace Goode’, ‘Bromagic’ and how great the weather was for growing Bromeliads.

After years of hearing all the reports, I decided to finally visit Bromagic – the Bromeliad mecca – myself.  So, in 2007, I made my own plant pilgrimage. At the time I was about to present my first lecture at the Australian Kinesiology Conference on my botanical archetypes research. And so as I was going to be in Queensland anyway, I left home a few days early to do a little ‘plant shopping’ before the conference. The trip was fantastic.

Not having been back to Queensland since my first visit to the Bromeliad Holy lands of Australia, Connie and I decided to head there for a week before our prospective teaching schedules began for the year. So, I made out my list of places to visit, marking down Bromagic as a definite port-of-call.

My reason? Other than to visit the massive-and-gorgeous collection of plants, I was curious to meet the new owner – Sue Lancaster – and find out her history of Bromeliads… or rather, what would possess someone to take on a 30,000 plant operation.

Sue explained that she had been living in Sydney with her family and wanted a change of pace. Being ‘keen gardeners’, Sue and her husband thought that the nursery would make a great business…

When I heard that she was a ‘keen gardener’ and that this was the motive for moving interstate and taking on such a big operation, I thought to myself, ‘this woman had just the right kind of madness-about-plants to be a great nursery person’.

And I must admit, I am impressed by Sue’s all-round professionalism and plant skill. And I mean that. From the quality of plants on offer, the easy-to-use shopping cart website and the attention to customer service, it’s a breath of fresh air to speak to someone who knows what they are doing… and treats you like a person and not just a cu$tomer. Warm and approachable are good words to describe Sue.

But, thankfully, Sue isn’t all warm and fuzzy in her business life. With a practical mind behind the operation, I think that Bromagic is a growing enterprise and my forecast is that it has actually yet to reach it’s peak. With plans to open a bed and breakfast on the property ( the new lodging has already been built ), Bromagic is showing sure signs of growth. Stable growth based upon realistic and sensible planning.

Visit the Website Make sure you visit the photo gallery!


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