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Puya Laxa

In Flower Remedies, Puya on February 10, 2010 at 8:52 pm

Puya Laxa – Squashed, Suppressed. 

+ Allowing life to happen. Allowing your energy to be as it is. Allowing your emotions to find their own balance. Letting go of your internal grip and allowing your stored feelings to rise up from deep down. Freeing yourself from the tight coils of the mind and the restrictions that you have placed upon yourself. Stepping out of the knot that you have mentally tied yourself in. Letting yourself off the leash. Unleashing your energy so that you can expand as a human being and achieve your full potential.

– Pressing down hard on yourself. Squashing your energy. Forcing some of your attributes, talents or skills into the shadows. Stuffing the larger part of yourself away. Suppressed. Holding yourself in an unnatural lifestyle position. Trying to make yourself comfortable in a life that is based on your being only half a person. Screwing up your life. Being a screw up. Implementing more and more rules in your life to the point that nothing flows easily, naturally or freely anymore. Choking certain areas of your life with rules and regulations while other areas run wild and free. Clamping down on what you enjoy. Ruling over yourself. Strangling the joy out of life. Pressing down harder in an attempt to do better.

  1. This is a great flower for people who turn themselves into a pretzel in order to be spiritual…

  2. Certainly feeling ‘unleashed & wild’… you can fit flower essences and sea water in a bottle, but aint gonna fit this ‘Genie’ in a bottle! =>
    Very interesting to see and experience, the ‘uncoiling of self’
    This will certainly be a great flower for many…

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