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Are You Screwing Up Your Life?

In Conscious Living, Puya on February 12, 2010 at 8:58 am

Since launching  the new essence the other day, Puya Laxa, there has been an above average response to the article I posted. The phrase ‘screwing up your life’ seems to have struck a chord in the collective.

I find this a little unusual. Why?

Now, there’s nothing odd to me about people who openly admit that they have problems, are plagued by doubts or who publicly air their ‘dirty laundry’. I’ve seen and heard it all in my clinical practice and flower essence work – people displaying their ‘faults’ is common.

Many people will openly admit that they have screwed up their lives in some way. And that they are, by admission, a screw up. Taking wrong turns in life, making financial blunders, bad career decisions, poor lifestyle choices, staying in bad relationships way too long… all of which then leads them down a lesser road in life. And to the feeling of being a screw up.

What I find intriguing is that many people believe that they have screwed up their lives… while not knowing for sure what the real ( spiritual ) purpose of life is. It’s a strange contradiction. After all, how can you truly measure ‘how far from home’ or how ‘way off base’ you are when you have no exact marker for what a ‘correct’ life is?

If you think that you are screwing up your life, here’s what you need to do… you need to quit focusing on what you have done for a moment, take a step back and ask yourself what is life is all about. Once you’re 100% sure of what life is about, then – and only then – you can make a fair and accurate assessment of whether you have screwed up or not!

What is life? What is it really about? Why are we really here on Earth? Is it as Darwin said, because of an evolutionary-mechanical chain of events… or is it because of more spiritual-mystical reasons… or both? Hard to say for sure, yes?

So, if you’re not sure what life is about, then how can you be so sure that you have ruined your life? How can you be an authority on ‘the perfect life’ when you don’t clearly and concisely know what life is really about? Kind of dumb thing really.

Today’s Exercise

For today, ask yourself this question and try to prove otherwise

Q. Have I screwed up my life? If so, how do I know for sure?


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