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You Can’t Hide from Your Feelings

In Conscious Living on February 17, 2010 at 3:15 pm

One of the greatest things that destabilizes and upsets us most are the feeling values we have for things. The truth is that the values we attach to things has a great baring on the stability and peace of mind we all seek – particularly the things we commonly deal with such as people, places or money.

In tonights class we look at the lessons offered by The Cathedral Flower, Aechmea bromelifolia var rubra and examine how we project feeling values onto the world around us and then try to hide from these feelings. This flower, helps one to reflect on the ‘negative feelings’ which you harbor inside your inner sanctuary. And the discord that this causes.

As we shall see in tonights lesson, it is futile to run from your own feelings. Or the experiences that put you back in contact with them… and more subtly, the ‘negative’ experiences you encounter in life are reflections of what you have long since held inside… but forgotten about.


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