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In Conscious Living on February 21, 2010 at 10:30 am

Recently I have been looking into the world of ‘internet marketing’. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone overboard with it and I certainly won’t be blasting you, my loyal readers with any over-the-top ad campaigns.

The need for me to do so was simple. I wanted to use the internet to raise awareness of the flower essence project and my research into the botanical archetypes… as well as to draw a passive income from paying sponsors. The reason being that I wanted a way of keeping my content free for anyone to read while drawing a passive income that ‘pays-per-click’. In this way, I could then dispense with the last remnants of my day job and focus full time on providing good content and quality essence remedies.

Boy, it’s a big wide internet-world out there. And there are loads of really simple ways you can build an online income; all without selling your $oul.

My new found interest in marketing is only about 4 weeks old. And I am no guru. I’m just a wanderer. A wonderer. But I am by no means a little lost lamb to the wolf of marketing. Not that marketing is wrong, cut throat or dishonest… it’s just that it often is as people seem to go overboard with it.

Slogans, sayings, mass email campaigns. Yes, it all can be too much. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t meaningful, intelligent ways to do business out there.

As I was taking a study break from the computer, I went out and watered my garden. And once again, the garden provided me with inspiration. I realized there is a strange poverty that exists within the field of making money and marketing… it’s like many people ( in the guise of websites ) are starving in some way. Bleating out more marketing but connecting less. Some sites are great and well balanced, leaving you room to move… but then there are sites that leave you no room to think…

Marketing for me, at this level of awareness, is about displaying your best talents, putting them on offer in a concise package that others can appreciate and utilize when they feel the need. In other words, offering a product or service that is life enhancing, and therefore memorable.

Being clear about ‘what you do’ is the challenge! A challenge that I love as it calls me to look at what I am good at, appreciate my talents and then use them… for the benefit of others. Marketing yourself on the internet is the best way to reach as many people as possible. It’s a great medium for world service in that way; helping people lead better lives from across the globe.

As I mentioned early, often there is a needy starvation attached to marketing campaigns. And beneath the veil of a colorful website, you can feel the anxiety and tension about ‘making money’.

As I gardened, my mind drifted and showed me the answer of why there is so much want amidst the promises of internet marketing. For so many people on the path of material security ( which is not wrong ) they place more and more focus on making money – and therefore the energy ( and time ) for other areas , of life are affected. Neglected. And therefore, starve.

Lifestyle starvation. I have been on the edge of this recently as I have been – passionately I must admit – absorbed in the new found mediums and ways to communicate. But, obviously this is not all of life. And as the aim is to produce and sustain a happy, healthy lifestyle ( perhaps helping others to do so by example ), selling yourself off to one area of life is always going to be unhealthy. For the neglected areas of life and self will bring you down… or rather, back to basics.

  1. You are a very smart man young Brendan!

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