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Comparing Notes with Shell Essences Australia

In Conscious Living on February 24, 2010 at 9:43 am

Yesterday I had the occasion to speak on the phone with Nancy Parker of Shell Essence fame. When she picked up the phone, I introduced myself as usual but rather than talk about the purpose of my call, I asked her “Do you have a new essences coming out?” A thought that hadn’t actually been on my mind but had crept it’s way to the fore of the conversation.

She said she did. it was a new essence made from a piece of amber ( fossilized tree sap ) that was in the shape of a dolphin. She told me the story of it’s origin and the prompts from those around her about the new remedy she was to make.

I cut in and said, “let me guess… does it do this, this and this?” “Yes”. She was excited at my ‘outsiders confirmation’ that mirrored her own keyword-insights.

I cut in again and told her of the new essence that I was working on. “The key word is ‘eclipse’…”, I told her. “…this one is where you step out of the shadows of your past and into the light ( of now )”. As we got talking, bouncing insights back and forth ( with a few marketing tips thrown in for good measure ) she remarked about the similarity of my essence to hers. But as excited as we were, both of us weren’t 100% surprised. We have compared notes before.

The new Shell Essence, “Amber Dolphin” is the 5th new “ancestors code” essence released from Shell Essence Australia… which matches the release of my 5th essence… whose name came to me this morning, “The Sacred Heart”… which matches Ian White’s, new Australian Bush Flower Essences Light Frequency release, “Lake Baikal”.

Hmmm… the plot thickens…


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