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Discovering The Sacred Heart

In Conscious Living on February 24, 2010 at 11:59 am

Do you dream of those days where you wake up inspired? Energetic. And clear. You know the days where you make up and your on a mission. Today was one such day.

This morning I woke up with the name of my brand new, soon-to-be released essence firmly in  my mind. The words “The Sacred Heart” became clear in my mind as the perfect moniker for the 5th essence in The Skyflowers “Silver Series”.

As I arose for the day, I felt more-than-clear. Now, some 3 hours later, the clarity has changed. I don’t mean that my perception of the world has dulled, I mean that the clarity I had early this morning has now taken on a luminosity. Wandering around the garden just now has been wonderful; with each color of a rich intensity. *Luminous.

( Note: *Before you go thinking that I am experiencing a drug related high; I assure you that I am not. I have never touched recreational drugs… ever. Even as a teenager I held the ( rigid ) view that I wanted ‘as clean an experience of life as I could’ and I devoted myself early on to ‘clean mindedness’ as the path to follow. )

This morning was a free experience, one born out of itself and not from an outer inputs. The moment – as was I – was born The world was luminous. And my eyes could see deeply… or rather, I was seeing the world with a deeper set of eyes.

“The Sacred Heart essence doesn’t merely help you to “see through to the heart of the matter” as though you were an outsider looking inside for the truth… the essence helps you to realize that you ARE ‘in the centre’, you are the sacred heart that looks out at the world.

The Sacred Heart essence helps you to look at life through the eyes of the soul, to witness everything… and then to act… from this fuller, more deeply informed perspective… The Sacred Heart essence helps you to step out of the long shadows cast by the mind and into the true light of life as it is right now. Helping you to radiate and beam the light that you are. And live your deepest truth…”

This passage is just the first of the notes to come. It was a piece that I wrote down as soon as I got up this morning in my attempt to capture what I was experiencing.

As I got on with my day, preparing some emails and working on some other jobs which needed to be done before I got on with my real assigned work of the day, I noticed something else that was unusual. One of the main tasks for today was prepearing for tonights flower essence class on Puya Mirabilis.

I noticed that I was clear, as I mentioned earlier. And energized; which is a common side-experience to clarity. What was unusual was that I felt the utmost need to do things right away. I felt the need to do things that had long been on my mind… harvest this plant, water those plants, put away some odds and ends in our garden…

My drive wasn’t produced by stress or anxiety either. It was produced by ‘the clear mindedness’ that I was experiencing. It was as though I was sitting back… and there in front of my were my thoughts. Like goldfish in a pond. And those thoughts were about a lot of things. Things that were close to the surface; memorable and current. other were a little deeper down and about things from weeks and months ago. To do’s that hadn’t yet been done and simply remained on my ‘to do’ list.

The strange thing was that I was clear on a whole range of things… at the same time. Not only this, was the immediacy of these thoughts. I had to do them, now.

The biggest example was the article that you are now reading; an article I wanted to post on my blog tomorrow as a follow up to the earlier article I posted this morning.

What I was experiencing was the immediacy of thought. That there is no future. Only now. And that my thoughts – although timstamped with ”later’, ‘happening tommorrow’ and other ‘not nows’ – displayed their true nature. As focused energy affecting this moment. So all of those future ‘to do’s’ and possibilities were not only cramming my mind, they were muddying my present expierience of life.

The immediacy of your inner reality is one of the chief lessons that The Sacred Heart, Ochagavia litoralis teaches. And there is a reason why it’s the 5th essence in The Skyflowers Silver Series; the first 4 prepare you for the experience of life in it’s raw form. Beyond the filters and stories that your mind overlays on it.

The Sacred Heart will be a topic of discussion at the Skyflowers weekly classes and will be released now ( a.k.a. later this week ).


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