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Where Are Your Roots?

In Conscious Living on February 25, 2010 at 9:12 am

If I were to ask you the question, “where are your roots?’, what would your reply be? What springs to mind when you are asked this question?

Do you think of your family and your ancestral roots? Do you think of you nationality and cultural roots? Do you think of your spiritual or religious roots? Do you think of something else?

When you think about it, human beings have a very complex ‘root system’. And should you follow any one of those roots and delve into any one theme, you often gain less insight rather than more. Why?

For example, if you choose to follow your family roots, you are probably quite clear about who your parents were; their character and nature. Going back a little further, you search would fork and your road would take you to your grandparents – both sets of them; your mothers parents and your fathers. If you’re not foggy by this stage, then try for your… well, forget it, you get my point.

Clarity is often not a factor when you go delving into the origins of things. Whether it be your cultural, family, political or religious roots, it’s very hard to ascertain and be aware of the factors that molded you. Sure, you have your own unique character, but this character was also influenced by external factors in your rise to awakening.

In last nights class, we talked about ‘core unraveling’. Core unraveling is where your soul basically unwinds the overlay of stories you have about yourself and sheds them.

We’ve all heard of ‘peeling the layers of the onion’ in the spiritual sense but the difference here is that core unraveling means that the onion is peeled from the inside. A higher intelligence ( and a truer one ) than the ego-perspective conducts the unraveling. And layers of accumulated ‘stories-about-yourself’ fall away in favor of a truer rendition. A version based upon now.

When issues and problems in your life arise, getting to the root of the matter can be quite difficult. If not impossible. Seeing the truth of yourself is perhaps the most impossible feat you can achieve; which is an irony because who else but you intimately knows who you are?

After years of ‘soul searching’, my soul gave up being found. And luckily for me, took up the reins and peeled away the rubbish from my mind. All the junk that told me that I was something else other than my ‘higher self’.

In the new age, there’s a notion of what I call – “the two you’s”. There’s the perfect spiritual being called the ‘higher self’. And another self which by definition can only be called ‘the lower self’. Or, what is more commonly called… “you”.

“The two you’s” is a trick of the mind; one set up by holding… and then becoming mesmerized by… a self image. You are that higher self. You are that central self that you are looking for and longing to be. The truth is we trick ourselves out of our spiritual identity… and the trick is played in this moment. ( See video The Mosaic of Self Image for more clues. )

In last evening discussion, we continued on from the themes presented in the previous weeks class about The Cathedral Flower and her lessons about ‘the inner temple within us all’. One of the aspects we noted in that class was a kind of silence that enveloped our thoughts but also seemed to have a tangible, if not dense quality.

Last evening after I introduced Puya mirabilis and the concept of core unraveling ( being peeled from within ), we examined ‘the silent space again’. And we sat with it. As we did so, I talked about the qualities of Puya Mirabilis from a botanical point of view and it’s almost dire need for water. Different to other Bromeliads, this species of Puya needs to be kept moist or she fades. And any disturbance to the roots will see her go backwards very quickly.

As we focused our awareness on the roots of the plant, I introduced the subject of spiritual roots. “Where are your roots?” Which is another way of saying, what do you base yourself on?

Abruptly I will end this article here and ask you that question; what do you base yourself on?

Answering this question may not tell you the whole truth about who you are… but it does tell  you what your creative life is based on…

  1. funny, my very first answer was in god! I would have thought family history but that is what came up first!

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