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The Roots of Anxiety

In Billbergia, Conscious Living, Homework, Puya, Vriesea on February 27, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Today I had to make a decision on a rather benign and non-life threatening business issue. As I approached the point of commitment, I noticed that I was extremely anxious about what I was about to do.

As my practice is to ‘notice and not judge’ what I do, I decided to get to the bottom of the anxiety. Now when I say this, I wasn’t looking for a clear answer or a “memory of the time I…” which set up the current axiety. What I was looking for was a simple comfort with what I was about to undertake. After all, anxiety didn’t fit the situation… but it did fit my perception of the situation.

I was nervous.

My usual practice whenever something is stressful or emotional is to ‘sit with it’. By this I mean I sit with my ill feelings and allow them to float up into my awareness. If I don’t have time right then and there, I sit down at a later date and review the ill feelings when I can. Usually before bed.

My point is that I always review my inner stress the day that it happens. And it doesn’t take long to do so and bring closer either. Read the rest of this entry »


Are You Screwing Up Your Life?

In Conscious Living, Puya on February 12, 2010 at 8:58 am

Since launching  the new essence the other day, Puya Laxa, there has been an above average response to the article I posted. The phrase ‘screwing up your life’ seems to have struck a chord in the collective.

I find this a little unusual. Why?

Now, there’s nothing odd to me about people who openly admit that they have problems, are plagued by doubts or who publicly air their ‘dirty laundry’. I’ve seen and heard it all in my clinical practice and flower essence work – people displaying their ‘faults’ is common. Read the rest of this entry »

Puya Laxa

In Flower Remedies, Puya on February 10, 2010 at 8:52 pm

Puya Laxa – Squashed, Suppressed. 

+ Allowing life to happen. Allowing your energy to be as it is. Allowing your emotions to find their own balance. Letting go of your internal grip and allowing your stored feelings to rise up from deep down. Freeing yourself from the tight coils of the mind and the restrictions that you have placed upon yourself. Stepping out of the knot that you have mentally tied yourself in. Letting yourself off the leash. Unleashing your energy so that you can expand as a human being and achieve your full potential.

– Pressing down hard on yourself. Squashing your energy. Forcing some of your attributes, talents or skills into the shadows. Stuffing the larger part of yourself away. Suppressed. Holding yourself in an unnatural lifestyle position. Trying to make yourself comfortable in a life that is based on your being only half a person. Screwing up your life. Being a screw up. Implementing more and more rules in your life to the point that nothing flows easily, naturally or freely anymore. Choking certain areas of your life with rules and regulations while other areas run wild and free. Clamping down on what you enjoy. Ruling over yourself. Strangling the joy out of life. Pressing down harder in an attempt to do better.

Dropping the Future

In Conscious Living, Puya on January 19, 2010 at 8:22 am

Dropping things from your life can be a good thing. Dropping bad habits, leaving behind unpleasant experiences and being able to suddenly or spontaneously change-for-the-better is sometimes what we desperately need. After all, do you want to spend your precious life ‘getting over’ and delving into what makes you miserable?

No! You just want to be rid of the negative from your past don’t you? You want to step out of the negative influences that pull you down so that you can ‘be free’ and ‘just get on with your life’; yes?

When you look at it, our personal demons belong to our past and not so much our present experience. In this ‘pin-prick’ of time, there you are; thinking about what to do with the things going on in your life. Central to your experience.

Let Go of the Future

Whereas it is true that many of our demons come from past experiences, it can also be said that your past is not the only thing that demonizes you; your ‘future’ often does too. The future can also house many problems which impinge on your current reality and ruin your present lifestyle.

In the new age movement as well as the complementary healing fields, ‘the past’ is often viewed as the main ( or only ) source of misery. And so, all guns are pointed there – the experiences you had, the trauma you experienced, the way you perceived those experiences and the beliefs you hold about your past are rigorously put under the personal change microscope. Frisked and searched by the health and healing police.

In other words, we look squarely to the past to change the present; as though this present moment were based upon the past – and not itself. Read the rest of this entry »

Puya Coerelea (Part 2)

In Puya on January 13, 2010 at 10:45 am

Almost identical in appearance to Puya Mirabilis, Puya Coerelea is the 3rd essence in the new Skyflowers – Clear Light series of remedies. This new release essence is helpful during times of personal collapsewhen the whole world seems to be falling down around you.

During times of upheaval like this, we tend to think that our experience is a negative event. That something terrible has gone wrong and so we react, doing what we feel will stop any further collapse. As a result we position ourselves under the drama, try to prop things up and attempt to stop the roof from caving in on us any further. Read the rest of this entry »

Properties of Genus Puya Discovered!

In Essence Trials, Flower Essence Research, News, Puya on August 26, 2009 at 5:34 pm

After some time on the drawing board, the key word definition of Genus Puya came to me; making this the 11th plant group to have been decoded in terms of medicinal and energetic properties!

Coupled with the other 10 Bromeliad genera already decoded – which cover the vibrational / psycho-spiritual properties of more than 7,500 plants and species – the new find promises some very interesting… and shall I say, ‘restorative’ properties.

More on this new discovery later. For more information type ‘botanical archetype’ into the search bar on this site.

The Silver Thorn

In Flower Remedies, News, Puya on August 25, 2009 at 9:51 am

IMG_2000The Silver Thorn – Pushed, Forced. Puya venusta.

+ Spiritual evolution based upon natural growth. Allowing your higher self – and not your mind – to direct your unfoldment. Allowing yourself to unfold naturally. Growing at a rate that your soul directs.

Pushing to unfold. Always pushing yourself to change, grow, learn or better yourself. Seeking changes measured by your mind and it’s limited awareness. Tampering with your natural unfoldment. Forcing the petals of the mind open in order to reveal a better you. Bitterly angry over the constant drive to change, better and perfect yourself. Silently resentful toward yourself because of your critical approach to a natural evolution.

Unveiling The Silver Thorn

In Essence of the Times, News, Puya on August 24, 2009 at 9:56 am

IMG_2000I first came across Puya venusta ( dubbed ‘The Silver Thorn’ ) when I was working at Gardenworld. This silver leaved, star shaped plant caught my eye and was quite rare in cultivation back then. For those who visit the Melbourne Botanic Gardens there is an adult clump you can visit… but careful not to get too close as the plant has sharp spines designed to ward away predators! Read the rest of this entry »

Sub-family 3 – The Pitcairnioidieae

In Botanical Archetypes, Flower Essence Research, Puya on August 11, 2009 at 8:08 pm

IMG_7118It is suggested to read or refresh yourself with the article on The Bromeliad Family before reading this article. Although not imperative, a deeper understanding of the subject below will be gained by doing so. Click here for the article.

As discussed earlier in the article entitled “Subfamily 1 – The Tillandsioidieae”, the Bromeliad family consists of 3 sub-families – the first of which is the Tillandsioidiae sub-family. Scientists believe that plants belonging to this sub-family are among the most highly evolved plants on the planet due to their ability to directly source moisture and nutrient directly through their leaves and not just through their roots. An unusual and rare trait among plants!

Read the rest of this entry »

NEW MANUAL! – The Skyflowers: An A-Z Guide!

In 25ml Combination, Aechmea, Billbergia, Botanical Archetypes, Cryptanthus, Flower Essence Therapy, Flower Remedies, Neoregelia, Puya, Quesnelia, Tillandsia, Vriesea, Weekly Classes & Workshops on July 18, 2009 at 12:48 pm

The Skyflowers – An A-Z Guide to Bromeliad Flower Remedies A4 Manual – $20. AU$

IMG_2128-1This easy-to-read, 22 page guide marks the 20th anniversary of a fascinating study of the Bromeliad family – the Skyflowers.

Designed to be simple-yet-informative, this quick reference guide will cater to both beginners and flower essence therapists alike. Alphabetical, 3-line listings makes looking up a particular remedy easy and short, key-word definitions provides just the right amount of information to understand what each remedy is used for.

The book is a great introduction to the world of the Skyflowers and makes a good starting point for further study of the remedies made from these amazing, ‘air-dwelling’ plants.

A great reference when you need to jog-your-memory!

The Manual features…

* Simple, 3-line listings for more than 81 individual remedies and pre-mixed combinations.

* An introduction to Bromeliads, their general properties and what they have to offer as a flower essence remedy.

* Step-by-step instructions on how to use the remedies and tips for choosing the right essence for you.

* Botanical symbols beside each flower entry for easy cross-reference with the Botanical Archetypes A4 Reference Chart and other Skyflowers materials.

* Instructions on how to use the Botanical Archetypes to gain a deeper understanding of the remedy you are working with.

* Educates and raises awareness before a remedy is even applied.