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This Site Has Moved…

In News on February 22, 2010 at 7:41 am

In  what will be it’s 3rd incarnation, the Skyflowers have now been presented on a shiny new website at This new site will phase out the the little used site as well as this site.

The reason for the move is one of expansion.

The NEW skyflowers-online site will still be a blog site but the main difference is that it will be self hosted and therefore, more flexible in it’s template structure.

Final choices have been made on host providers and the theme of the website is all but chosen; of which will be a ‘minimalistic magazine style’ format. The blog component will still be there with daily postings of articles; this time with a heavier emphasis on the my integrative medicine research work. There will also be the addition of new features such as a slideshow photo gallery of photo’s, greater use of video tutorials, a flower essence database searchable by keyword  and a little later on a shopping cart feature where you can order products online.

The new site is now up but it will take some ‘tinkering under the hood’ to get the whole new design layout in place.

P.s. You will be able to better follow the blog via your favourite social networks such as facebook, myspace, twitter and youtube – that way you can stay in touch with the research project.

P.p.s. Make sure you subscribe to either the emailing list or RSS feed so that you can be altered to new posts and changes to the website as soon as they happen.


Website Changes

In News on February 6, 2010 at 8:30 pm

For those of you who have had an error message looking for the main website don’t despair, you are not going crazy. The reason for the message is that this old address is ‘under construction’.

Originally, there was only one website. Then, when I discovered wordpress and started blogging, I had 2 web addresses. The original site with the nice and neat skyflowers name. And the wordpress blog which I updated frequently.

Desiring to unify the Skyflowers website, I have taken down the old site and am busily working on a new website. One website which will replace both the old one as well as this wordpress blog.

Have no fear however for the new website will be a wordpress blog, complete with all the articles of this site. It will be self hosted which means I can augment the new website with additional features not found in the wordpress, free-hosted package.

Once a decent internet host has been located, the new site will be uploaded and plans are to be completed within the week. Stay tuned.

A Visit to The Olive Branch

In News on February 2, 2010 at 9:13 am

Left The Flower of Validation – Neoregelia ‘Fairytale’. This is the remedy for people who validate externals and don’t believe in themselves.

It was 2 years ago since my first visit to The Olive Branch nursery. I remember that day distinctly for 2 reasons – the first was because it was my birthday. The second was because of the sheer scale of the place; 5 acres of shadehouses and polyhouses all dedicated to Bromeliads. So, needless to say that in coming back I was excited.

It was late in the day and we were just passing through on our way up the coast. Olive had to drop a worker to the station so I went to ‘the waiting room’… the sales area and awaited her return. It was there we met Beccy Trevor, a 14 year old entrepreneur with a very mature head on her shoulders. We got to chatting about the nursery and about broms. Soon Olive returned and we had a chat. Alarmingly I was told a story about a cyclone that had ripped the place apart a year ago ( no one was hurt but 20 houses were destroyed in the area ). And in looking around, there was still evidence of the carnage even though it was a year on. Read the rest of this entry »

Essence of the Times – November 2009

In Essence of the Times on November 10, 2009 at 9:10 pm

If October was about anything, it was about manouvring yourself into a better position. Having said that, November should come a bit easier and in the lead up to Christmas, things should greatly settle. With no new collective mishaps on the horizon – and a great deal of murk already processed this year – November is a time of joy! Read the rest of this entry »

The Spirit of Gardening

In News on November 5, 2009 at 8:31 am

There nothing I love more than buying new plants. Whether it be recieving boxes in the post from a mail order catalogue, buying plants on ebay or raiding someone else’s collection for new treasures that they don’t want to part with – I love it all.

Many years ago when I was working at Gardenworld, I was heavily involved in the Victorian Cactus & Succulent society. There was one particular event that was held every year that I really loved going to. They called it a ‘one day happening’. It was a day where the Melbourne, Gellong and Ballarat cactus societies got together in a big scout hall and talked, sold and traded plants. It was great because you got to meet new people as well as paw through other people’s plants trash-n-treasure style! It literally took you hours to get around the hall! Read the rest of this entry »

Bromfest 2009

In News on November 4, 2009 at 8:07 am

2009-10-14Well the preparations for Bromfest 2009 are going well! Bromfest ( and buying more bromeliads ) have kept me busy out in the garden, hence no blogging! But I’m back in the saddle now!

The date set for the 1st ever Bromeliad swap meet is December 12th and is being held in Melbourne, Australia. There is a limit of 50 attendees.

What is Bromfest?

Bromfest ( short for “bromeliad festival” ) is not just a ‘garden show’ – it is a plant swap meet where you get the chance to sell your plants, trade them with others for new ones, show your favorites in a mini-plant-show and talk about your plants with other enthusiasts. Bromfest is a day where you get to share out your old or extra plants with friends and perhaps pick up a bargain. You don’t have to have ‘picture perfect’ plants – so have a hunt around your collection, clean out your glasshouse ( so you can walk around in there ) and bring that old ratty plant that you have been neglecting. Old, new it doesn’t matter. Bring your plants along.

Imagine if everyone who came brought along with them a box ( or more ) of their favourite, old or surplus plants to sell, swap, show off or trade! What a great day!

Here’s What’s at Bromfest

  • B.B.Q. – Celebrate the end of 2009 in barbeque style! Bring a plate of your favourite dish to share with others!
  • Mini-Brom Show – Bring your favourite brom ( or something that you have in flower ) for display in the mini-show.
  • Plant Stalls – Bring along your plants for sale. Bring as many as you want – the more the merrier! Stalls *cost nothing and there’s no commissions on your sales!
  1. Some tressle tables will be available and although we’re on a quarter acre block, we have a pretty big lawn area.
  2. Stalls *cost nothing... but it would be good if you brought some of your old spare plants to give away free to people on the day.
  • Bring Your Surplus Plants – Bring your extra or surplus plants for others to have a look at – there’s nothing better than rifling through polly boxes of other peoples plants!
  • Mother Plants – Don’t throw your old mother plants away! Box them, bring them along and trade them in for something else!
  • Rare or other unusual plants welcome! – Cactus, carnivourous, orchids – all welcome!
  • Cuttings – Maybe bring a box of your cuttings, cut flowers, etc… it’s all good.

Essence of the Times – The New Road

In Conscious Living, Essence of the Times on October 24, 2009 at 7:55 am

Let’s begin with a question. What would you do if you were happy, healthy and the world was a good place to be in? Take a moment to really think it over and then read on. Read the rest of this entry »

Essence of the Times for September 2009

In Essence of the Times on September 8, 2009 at 4:03 pm

Flower_HumilityHumility – Pride, False Bravado. Neoregelia pauciflora

+ Human. Acknowledging your limitations. Viewing your humanity as the guideline for spirituality.

Overworked, overburdened and overcomitted. Living beyond your limits. Diluting your true power because you try to uphold superhuman values.

September 2009 is a lesson in Humility!

The challenge of September is to reduce the amount of straining in your life and to pin-point where you are over-commiting your energies. It will be difficult not to fall into your habitual trap of loading everything on your shoulders and expecting a peak performance – but if you do manage to postpone your endless laboring for a moment, the reasons why things are so hard will soon come to light.

Don’t overstretch yourself this month and pay careful attention to exactly where you are spending most of your time… and on what you are paying the most attention to.

Health & Wellbeing Seminar this Sunday

In News, Weekly Classes & Workshops on September 7, 2009 at 9:16 am

As part of the ‘Looking After Number 1″ health & wellness seminar, I will be presenting a 45min lecture on ‘the tips and tricks’ of flower essence therapy. The day is being held in Malvern with 6 speakers presenting on various modalities – yoga, pilates, flower essences, aromatherapy, osteopathy & bowen therapy.

Tickets $25 ( nearly sold out ).

Contact Mary Allison 0407 040 770 or

Properties of Genus Puya Discovered!

In Essence Trials, Flower Essence Research, News, Puya on August 26, 2009 at 5:34 pm

After some time on the drawing board, the key word definition of Genus Puya came to me; making this the 11th plant group to have been decoded in terms of medicinal and energetic properties!

Coupled with the other 10 Bromeliad genera already decoded – which cover the vibrational / psycho-spiritual properties of more than 7,500 plants and species – the new find promises some very interesting… and shall I say, ‘restorative’ properties.

More on this new discovery later. For more information type ‘botanical archetype’ into the search bar on this site.