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Brendan RohanBrendan Rohan – Founder of the Skyflowers

Brendan Rohan is currently researching the vibrational qualities of flowers belonging to the Bromeliad ( Pineapple ) family.

In 1997 Brendan was drawn to the study of Kinesiology ( muscle testing ) because of it’s ability to affect lasting personal change. With a long plant-related history behind him, it was the use of flower essence remedies within that modality, however, which cemented his vocational path as a flower essence researcher, writer and lecturer.

During the course of research he uncovered a universal truth of vast potential importance – an insight which further marries mainstream science with vibrational medicine. Sensing the benefits of such a union, Brendan’s research focus now is firmly upon bringing flower essence therapy toward it’s ‘inevitable merger’ with the mainstream medical model; whereby both fields can – as he says – “grow beyond their limitations toward their fullest potential”.

Brendan lives and teaches in Melbourne, Australia, where he further gathers evidence of the link between self-expression, vitality and good health.

Contact Us – The Original Skyflowers

Post – Po Box 3117 – Mentone East, Victoria, 3194, Australia

  1. Hey Brendan, Congratulations on your journey! Your work, essences, soul and teachings have blossomed into something amazing and beautiful, that will benefit many people. Keep up the great work. cheers, Kim

  2. Great blog and website, love bromeliads! Nice to meet another flower essence producer with genuine ethos. I like the writings on separation. Indeed it is true humanity needs to stop focussing on fixing what is wrong and allow what is right to blossom.
    Bright blessings from Britain x Deborah (Awen Essences)

  3. Hey Brendan, your website is amazing… not only cosmetically, but the content is amazing! You are one very intelligent man, keep up the great work, I love reading it!

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