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Skyflowers are a range of 81 flower essence remedies made from plants belonging to the Pineapple family. They are of stock potency and are presented in 15ml Amber glass bottles with black rubber tops. Price – $15.AUS + postage.


The Flowers from the 1st Petal of Consciousness

Theme – “Awakening to Your True Self”. These fundamental flowers provide a starting point for self realization and deeper spiritual insight.


Self Respect – Low Esteem, Worthless. Aechmea weberi

+ Dignity. Self worth. Having the backbone to stand up for yourself. Honoring others while valuing oneself.

Being a doormat. Open to being used and abused. Low self esteem due to possessing poor boundaries.

Self Awareness – Lost, Bewildered. Billbergia ‘Curlew’

+ Maintaining a sense of Self when involved in long term relationships; personal, social or the world at large.

Immersed. Merging with others. Losing the crisp sense of who you are and what you want out of your life.

The Summer Torch – Reckless, Irresponsible. Billbergia pyramidalis var. lutea

+ Responsive. Realizing you always play the central, creative role in your life. Taking up the reins of your life.

Blame. Inability to initiate change. Believing that others or life outside has a governing influence over you.

Acceptance – Avoidance, Denial. Neoregelia macwilliamsii

+ Meeting fully with the present circumstance. Eating the ripened fruit of your previous actions. ( I.e. Karma.)

Trying to change the moment as it unfolds. Moving against the course of events. Seeking to avoid reality.

Hope – Demoralized, Desperate. Neoregelia ‘Red Arrow’

+ Faith. Hopeful anticipation of glad times ahead. Inspired by the possibility that your life will get better.

Trying to live with a dimmed inner light. Negative thoughts which override any positive ones for the future.

Determination – Distracted, Interrupted. Tillandsia distichia

+ Resolute. Harnessing your intent toward a desired outcome. Allowing negativity to simply wash over you.

Diverted Attention. Drawn toward doing other things. Losing sight of your aim because of a focus on details.

Patience – Rushed, Hurried. Tillandsia scaposa

+ Able to wait. Slowing yourself down. Attending to life in a manner which allows greater intimacy and contact.

Rushing off before completing what you are doing. Doing too many things at once. Never quite catching up.

Simplicity – Difficult, Complicated. Tillandsia streptophylla

+ Easy. Simple. Straight forward. Thinking in terms of what is necessary. Taking a direct approach to life.

Indirect. Doing things the hard way. Entangled in your own thinking. Caught up in complicated situations.

The King of Bromeliads – Confused, Indecisive. Vriesea heiroglyphica

+ Leadership. Tailoring your life by making clear-cut decisions. Prepared to wear the results of your actions.

Making decisions based upon your current emotional state. Belief in fatal mistakes or other terminal errors.


The Flowers from the 2nd Petal of Consciousness

Theme – “Responding to Your Environment”. These 9 flowers help you to move from sub-conscious reaction to conscious response to the scenes and situations of your life.


Consideration – Inconsiderate, Insensitive. Aechmea blanchetiana

+ Willingness to bend. Flexible in attitude. Sensitive to the needs of the situation. Responding appropriately.

Lacking sensitivity. Unable to bend in the breeze. Stiffly employing the same approach to every life situation.

Surrender – Terrified, Afraid. Aechmea triangularis

+ Yielding to a natural forces. Knowing when to give in. Allowing what is old to fall away so the new may arise.

Fearful. Unable to let go of your control. Trying to force outcomes. Believing that giving in is a sign of failure.

Change – Stuck, Stubborn. Billbergia ‘Robert Saunders’

+ Moving along within the current of life. Accepting changes and utilizing this valuable force to your benefit.

Taking offense to changes in life. Seeking to dig your heels in and keep things the same. Stuck in repetition.

The Purple Heart – Dramatize, Exaggerate. Neoregelia concentrica

+ Attentive. Able to concentrate. Viewing a subject in it’s true scale. Recognizing what a situation demands.

Paying too much attention to a subject. Blowing things out of proportion. Captive of your own imagination.

Courage – Cowardly, Intimidated. Neoregelia punctitisima

+ Brave. Dauntless. Summoning the strength to push through difficulty in order to find happiness beyond.

Cowardice. Sitting in discomfort. Procrastinating over when you will make your break toward a better life.

Perspective – Convinced, Reactionary. Neoregelia sarmentosa

+ Amassing greater awareness about an event before making a decision about what is actually going on.

Reacting upon limited evidence. Believing the perspective you possess is the total truth of the situation.

Attitude – Negative, Pessimistic. Neoregelia ‘Midnight’

+ Optimistic. Cheer. Adopting a brighter outlook on life which attracts more light. Believing people are good.

Heavy, dark. Attracting negativity. Negative outlook on life due to harboring low value judgments of self.

Resilience – Fragile, Weak. Neoregelia zonata

+ Inner strength. Emotional durability during stressful times. Able to remain strong when you need to the most.

Believing yourself to be fragile. Collapsing at the first sign of emotional pressure. Caving in as a lifestyle.

Spanish Moss – Lonely, Isolated. Tillandsia useneoides

+ Woven into the fabric of life. Connection, interrelationship and interdependence as indestructible facts of life.

Distrust due to feeling isolated from the whole. Believing the subtle link between you & others can be broken.


For a complete list of the Skyflowers, see the new book “The Skyflowers – An A-to-Z Guide to Bromeliad Flower Remedies.”


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