The "Practical Spirituality" Newspaper


Connie M – Yoga Teacher & Founder of YogaFun for Children

Brendan’s weekly classes and workshops are amazing and are certainly not to be missed. His approach to drawing on your inner qualities and bringing them to surface is certainly an art that he has mastered…
The flowers are discussed interactively and the teachings are applied in a very practical way – ready to be integrated into your everyday life. The workshops entice you to explore your present life from a different perspective, leaving you equipped to live more mindfully and free to pursue your full potential and hearts desires.
I highly recommend the weekly classes and workshops for a life changing experience.”

Lynn B – Primary School Teacher

“… It seems with the Skyflowers, the practicing of being present and moving with your own consciousness allows you to see through the eyes of your true nature…”

Vicki B

Dear Brendan,

Your labours of love ( the emails you have so kindly sent me ) are truly inspiring. I’m so glad there are people like you on this beautiful earth, that so graciously share such insightful wisdom and knowledge. Reading your work has not only re-affirmed my need for change but given me some more insight into how. Anyway, thanks again for letting me read your work – I found it very uplifting and it confirmed that I am approaching my ill health in the appropriate way – through “dissolving from within”. Many kind regards and respect for your work. Vicki.


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