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The Aim

About the Skyflowers Research Project

Creating, supplying and teaching about the Skyflowers is just the beginning! The Skyflowers Research Project began in August, 1997 with an aim to improve the practice of flower essence therapy. Since that time, discoveries have been made which go well beyond flower essence therapy and impact upon plant-based medicine as a whole.

The Project Incorporates…

* The Skyflowers – Our work begins with the manufacturing and distribution of the Skyflowers range of Bromeliad flower essence remedies. 15ml Stock essences, 25ml Pre-Mixed Combination remedies as well as the new 15ml Skyflowers ‘Silver Series’ remedies are available.

* Flower Essence Research – We also conduct new flower essence trials and release new Skyflowers remedies periodically to meet the demands of everyday life.

* Flower Essence Manuals – An series of ‘flower essence encyclopaedias’ are offered. With 8 pages of information per flower, these easy-to-reference manuals are designed for clinical use or study application. A series of other books are also in the pipeline further ‘backing our essences with awareness’.

* The Skyflowers Study Group – Since 2003, a weekly flower essence study group has been offered to the general public with the purpose of studying one flower and all of it’s attributes per week. This group has been the catalyst for producing much written material and refining the work further.

* Skyflowers eTV! – An on-line study group is in the planning to cater to the needs of a wider global audience. Plans are for an online ‘live-to-air’ study group which uses the best that video technology and the internet have to offer. Anyone with a knowledge of IT who would like to help televise the Skyflowers, please email me at

* Workshops – Regular 2 day workshops and 1 day special interest programs are offered for those who seek more deeper understandings of the flowers and related topics.

Recent Advances in Flower Essence Research – Introducing the Botanical Archtypes!

* In 2003, a break-through in research lead to the discovery that the botanical classifications of *genus and **species defined the “*cause of the condition” and the “**symptomatic effect” respectively.

* The Skyflowers are being used as a ‘test case’ and blueprint for the new method in an effort to form an industry standard of information and practice while using the botanical archetypes.

* The botanical archetypes not only determines the root nature of the emotional condition under examination. They also educates as to the conscious transition that the client will undertake in their healing process. This therefore reduces the risk of “emotional healing crisis” through a lack of awareness about the process-within-consciousness and increases the chances of both a successful… and comfortable transition.

* The discovery of the botanical archetypes ( precise vibrational patterns ) offers a new relationship between the worlds of botanical science and vibrational medicine. Further work will be done on the archetypes and with more information, we will ‘strengthen the bridge’ between the 2 fields of research.

* The discovery impacts upon all types of plant-based medicines. I.e. Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Herbalism and even the way we view our diet. ( See below )

* A fully detailed description of this finding and it’s ramifications is offered here. A lecture based upon this article was presented at the 2006 Australian Kinesiology Association conference in Brisbane.

* A reference Chart and a PictureBook which details the characteristics of the flower groups have already been published, with further works on this subject to come. Details of these items are offered on this site.

Future Research Projects – Beyond the Skyflowers!

* Further work beyond the original study of the Bromeliad family will be undertaken once work has been satisfactorily completed on the Skyflowers.

* The first effort of further research will be to translate the genera of common foods like apples, oranges, potatoes and rice. The purpose of this work is to provide bold contrast as to why the many food and medicinal plant species have the various health benefits they do.

* Leading on from the discovery, a reference book will been undertaken to detail the vibrational properties of other valuable floral genera. In order to approach the gargantuan task of compiling such a compendium, the floral genera which will be “translated” first we be prioritized by their popularity and common-place usage around the world.

* Moves will be made to take flower essence therapy beyond the confines of it’s own field and into the field of integrative medicine. The botanical archetypes offer a tangle platform for such a move.


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