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Behind the Skyflowers range of flower essence remedies is a wealth of teaching material designed to help you to understand the flowers – and yourself – on a deeper level. There are several ways that you can study the Skyflowers – from weekly study groups to join, special interest day classes and weekend workshops. Check the Tour Dates for a current list of teachings being held in your area.

Weekly Study Group – Now in it’s 5th Year!

These informal classes are a great “entry point” into world of the Skyflowers. Each class ’tells the story’ of a single Bromeliad flower remedy so that you will be clear about it’s properties, characteristics and uses. So come and learn the flowers in a fun, pro-active environment while also enjoying the company of other enthusiasts! If you want to get to really ’get a feel’ for the flowers, then these classes are for you! No flower essence experience necessary – just a willingness to cultivate a deeper awareness and the courage to lead a better lifestyle!

Topics include: Flower-of-the-Week, the Doctrine of Signatures, Signs and Indications, Using Flower Essence Remedies Pro-Actively rather than Reactively, Tips on Combining Flowers, Up-to-Date Research on The Botanical Archetypes, Insights and Spiritual Lessons.

Flower Essence CoursesAlthough the weekly classes can be attended on a casual basis, a deeper insight into the flowers is gained when one participates in the ongoing story that unfolds from week-to-week. Each course follows a specific theme and the flowers are taught in exactly the same order as originally offered by spirit. See Tour Dates for course themes and class times.

Note: A special discount is offered to those who pre-pay for a 10 week course. However, payments must be received prior to term commencement in order to be eligible for the course discounts.

Weekend Workshops

This series of workshops caters to health care practitioners, flower essence therapists and the more serious enthusiast. Each workshop in this integrated system of workshops offers detailed and technical information about the use and application of the Skyflowers flower essence remedies. Download the Workshop Brochure for Further Details.

Bromeliad Flower Remedies – Introductory Workshop – 2 Hours NEW!

In this introductory workshop you will gain insight into the nature of the Bromeliad and their basic properties as a flower essence remedy. Symbols of ascension and ‘higher living’, Bromeliads teach us another approach to life – a way of life that is free from worry.

Topics include: History of the Bromeliads, The Origins of the Skyflowers, Symbolism & Philosophy of the Pineapple, The Innate Qualities of All Bromeliad Flower Essences, Life Cycles & Transformation, How to Live an ‘Ascended’ Lifestyle and More.

Skyflowers Workshop One – The Practice of Presence – 2 Days NEW!

To anything we seek in life, presence is key. Whatever it is you are looking for – happiness, good health, peace of mind, a loving partner, freedom, spiritual growth or the simple pleasure of reading a book – without a clear, calm and present state of mind you will not find ( and enjoy ) the things you are looking for.

In this workshop, we look at the attributes of consciousness and begin cultivating the one thing we need in life – a mind that deals with the here and now.

Topics include: About the Skyflowers and the unique Petal System© of Learning, The Inherent Qualities of Presence – Excavating Your Innate Characteristics, A Study of 27 Skyflowers ( Part 1 – Mindfulness and Training to Be Present, Part 2 – Dealing with Change, Part 3 – Wellbeing & Emotional Stability ), The Basics of Flower Essence Therapy – Tools for a Healthy Lifestyle & More.

Skyflowers Professional – The Next Generation in Flower Essence Therapy – 3 Day Intensive

This workshop offers the most up-to-date technical information on flower essence therapy there is available. Detailing a break through in vibrational research, the insight in this workshop heralds an evolution in not only flower essence therapy – but plant-based medicine as a whole. Read why!

Topics include: A Brief History of the Bromeliads, Horticultural and Botanical Perspectives of the Bromeliad Family, Plant Classification and it’s Role in Vibrational Medicine, The Origins of the Skyflowers, The Innate Qualities of All Bromeliad Flower Essences, Introducing the Botanical Archetypes Used in the Skyflowers, Learning How to Use Flower Remedies Pro-Actively rather than Reactively, Designing Combination Remedies, Flower Therapy and it’s Future Role in the Field of Integrative Medicine.

Workshop Includes – A Free Copy of “Introducing Botanical Archetypes – the Next Generation in Flower Essence Therapy”. Workshop also includes Bromeliad Flower Essences – Introductory Workshop as a prelude to the main workshop material.

Special Interest Workshops

These special workshops focus more on topics of interest than flower essence therapy. Several flowers relating to the topic become the contemplative focus of the days study and a story is formed from their combined teachings. These workshops are designed for anyone to attend and no flower essence experience is required.

Emotion – A Study of Emotional Archetypes ( 1 Day )

Flowers from the Garden of Eden – A Day of Rest for the World Weary ( 1 or 2 Days )

Drawing upon the Biblical story of Adam & Eve, this workshop looks at how we divorce ourselves from our true nature of enlightened consciousness by eating the poisoned fruit of self-criticism. And how we come to suffer ongoing ‘exile’ from our true selves via judgment, guilt and a lack of forgiveness. Looks at how we are never far from center and the simple way we can ‘return home’.

Skyflowers & the Law of Attraction ( 2 Days )

Harnessing the Law of Attraction ( Law of Attraction Series Part 1 ) Day 1 of the workshop looks at the “masculine” aspect of the law of attraction. Many books on the subject focus upon the process of clear intent and visualization but overlook the most important factor of all – motive! Part 1 of the workshop looks at the emotional directives we set in the field of consciousness and the returns these make.

The Precious Jewel – Beyond the Law of Attraction ( Law of Attraction Series Part 2 ) Day 2 of the workshop looks at the “feminine” aspect of the law of attraction. In the 2nd part of the workshop we will see how the law of attraction actually is a discipline that asks us to stop reaching beyond the present moment and begin valuing the life you already have in your possession. As you will see, the most precious treasure you will ever possess is the jewel we know as ‘now’.

Intuition – Our Instinct for Freedom ( 1 Day )

Of all the human faculties, instinct or ‘intuitive guidance’ is perhaps the most remarkable abilities we have at our command. In this workshop, we examine this extraordinary ability and find that intuition is a really a ‘moving guide’ which provides us with up-to-the-minute feedback about our current situation – a ‘knowing’ which guides us toward freedom.

Free Lectures and Public Presentations

These free public talks and conference lectures are designed to introduce the various new advances in flower essence research and provide up-dates on the ongoing research into the botanical archetypes. See Tour Dates for scheduling details.

Diary of the Pineapple Guy – An Overview of the Skyflowers Research Project ( 2 Hours )

Emotion – A Study of Emotional Archetypes ( 1 Hour Conference Lecture )

The Relevance of Botanical Classification in Vibrational Medicine ( 1 Hour Conference Lecture ) – See Article


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